Saturday, March 19, 2011

candy says

Reasons I haven't posted in a coons age:
1. was on the other side of the world in India with no laptop
2. Was in beautiful town/Paris with no laptop
3. Was moving back to New York City and working my ass off with no laptop
4. Was working my ass off to buy a new laptop with no laptop
5. I'm starting a band
6. This blog will soon be a full website/zine (get at me if you wana help)
7. I love you.
8. Suck it.

Ramona & Fanny by Richard Bernadin for Please Spring 2011

Last time I drank out of a coconut, it wasn't so glamorous. 5 rupees in India on the side of the road. sick as a dog. Ok maybe it is kinda glam. stfu

This spread is special to me since its where I'm from. My brother builds airboats and he is the best. I am a real swamp mama and I can't do anything about it. Can't wait to go back to FL for a lil and roll around in the mud drinking buds and whiskey and moonshine. Miss you guys!

Camille Rowe by Matthew Frost for Jalouse March 11

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